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Giovedì, 16 Marzo 2017 16:28

Euroluce 2017 – Salone del Mobile Milan

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Euroluce 2017 – Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milan Euroluce 2017 – Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milan


It's happening again. Milano Design Week has its core show at the Rho Fairgrounds, with its main event being the Salone Internazionale del Mobile: the undisputed international benchmark for the furniture and design sectors.The 56th edition of this legendary event will take place from April the 4th to April the 9th.

Every year this huge exhibition attracts more than 300,000 visitors from more than 160 countries across the world, making Milan the world capital od design. The Salone is a global platform for top-notch products.

Euroluce is the Salone's event fully dedicated to light: a unique fair when it comes to the latest trends in lighting technology and sustainable materials. Having reached its 29th edition, this show addresses designers, architects, interior decorators, professionals, and amateurs from all over the world. The big theme of the year will be light as the fourth dimension of design, striking the balance between functionality and emotion.

It is not just a place for meetings and business but also a great incubator. The goal of this edition is to understand the relation between contemporary and technology lighting and enhancing the wellbeing and quality of life. Prominent and world-known brands such as Artemide and Flos will exhibit their lamps: objects that foster happiness and emotional pleasure adapting to people's moods and circumstances. Light becomes a method of communication, putting people in an emotional dialogue with eachother.

On this occasion Laudarte – a leading company in the luxury lighting industry, which has its roots in the ancient Italian tradition of craftsmanship and of the use of precious materials – will open its showroom and production facility. The good news is that Laudarte is located near the Rho Fairgrounds and that it addresses all those professionals interested in experiencing firsthand the quality of lighting products. Private visits will available for those willing to explore in depth any topic of their interest. Click here to book your visit.

In this context Meterweb (web agency - digital company Milano), partner of Laudarte for digital processing and communication, is helping Laudarte's customers and the Euroluce's visitors on 3 dimensions:

  • informing about Laudarte's presence at the Salone del Mobile Euroluce 2017
  • enabling the "digital" booking of the transfer to Laudarte's showroom
  • creating a direct link between the visitors of the Salone del Mobile - Euroluce and Laudarte

Meterweb's tools include: newsletter, landingpage and blogging.

If you are interested in learning how Meterweb (web agency - digital company Milano) could help you with promotion and online business, please contact us.

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